Lace Elegance

Posted by Hongwei Shan
October 1, 2013

There are a number of ways to explore femininity in fashion industry. However, no one could challenge the prominent position Lace held in. In Spring 2013, LACE further expanded its territory: shoes, accessories, and purse. Basically anything you can think of, it is in.

What’s the mystery for the hype? Lace is a soft and delicate fabric, and it brings out our elegance and femininity. For strong and professional women, it is our best camouflage to soften us down.

In this outfit, I didn’t want anything to take away this grace. Therefore, I kept the whole ensemble a simple dress, but I emphasized on the accessories: bold necklace and strong belt. If you pay more attention, all of them are in fierce RED color. What’s the idea behind? Our passion side!

Ask any guys for their most WANTED woman. The answer heard frequently is the woman who is sophisticated outside but WILD in bed. This outfit drew out the definition.

As a female survives in a male dominated society, we must play all of our cards and maximize the advantage to compete. A smart way to go is to tackle at their weakest spot.


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